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  • I'm not sure if your the one who added this but, on the Cartoon Fight Club page it lists my role as "stalker". But dude that happened 2 Years Ago!!! That is 24 months and 730 days! And I'm not sure if you know this but I have a thing called Autism. Autism makes it hard for me to understand exactly what to do or act in certain situations and that means my social skills aren't the absolute best. Why did I do it? Well I only looked up Animation Rewind's personnel information because I thought It was ok for me to do so since in Animation Rewind's Q&A people asked if they tell them his name and show his face, Animation Rewind gave permission for the audience to go search though his old content to find his name and face and other stuff as a "Scavenger Hunt" skip to 12:40 on this video: so if Animation Rewind never gave the audience permission to look up personnel information like his name and face. Then I would have respected his privacy and wouldn't have ever searched for it in the first place. But since he did gave us permission I did it because I wanted to prove that I was the biggest fan of Cartoon Fight Club and Animation Rewind. Latter on when I joined the CFC Team in September 2016 literally 2 years ago. I stated to Animation Rewind that I saw the q&a and I discovered the personnel information but I said I wouldn't share it in front of the CFC Team to protect his privacy. Then one of the animators told me "Its ok dude, you can say it, we already know everything about Animation Rewind here" So because this animator told me that everybody already knew about Animation Rewind's personnel information. I told everyone Animation Rewind's First and Last Name, State and City, and ethnicity believing that it was ok for me to do so. So if that animator didn't tell me it was ok for me to share all this in front of the CFC Team, then I wouldn't have done it. But then because of this the entire CFC Team was freaked out by me, and tbh I don't blame them. What I did was wrong and I regret doing that. I apologized many times to them. However Animation Rewind Forgave me for what I did. And this stuff wasn't even leaked to the public, it was leaked in a private CFC Team skype. So the only people who saw it were CFC Staff Members. So yea what I did was wrong. But we all do make mistakes, that is simply what makes us human. I know what I did was wrong and I apologized for it. But Animation Rewind forgave me for it and it happened 2 years ago!!! I changed a lot since then. Since then I may messed up there and then. But since then I become a better person and I learned from my mistakes. I done a lot to help Cartoon Fight Club. Such as animating for CFC Episodes, making a sprite sheet for Pearl. and even starting projects like the Ultimate Showdown Part 2 &  3 or the Creepypasta Free 4 All. I also talk with Animation Rewind daily and me and him are close friends. I'm not sure if your biased against me since your one of the CFC Staff Members or if you only called me that as a joke. But atleast give me the title of Anthuny Stallings (Sprite Animator and Production Manager) Because then you would be honest about my contributions to Cartoon Fight Club. I'm not a one dimensional stalker lol cow. I'm another human being just like you with his own view point, feelings, goals and dreams. I hope you understand.

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